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Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 7:40 PM
Silver Lion Farms LLC

Silver Lion Farms LLC

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At Silver Lion Farms®, we care about more than what we grow – we care just as much about where and how it is grown. 

Silver Lion Farms’ USDA Organic certified campus is nestled near the base of the Ruby Mountains. We are located in White Pine County, North of Ely, Nevada. The quaint town of Ely is roughly 7.5 square miles in the heart of the Great Basin, 244 miles north of Las Vegas and 63 miles west of Utah.
When we set out to select and establish our campus, we were determined to do things the right way no matter what it demanded of us. Today that focus expresses itself as over two thousand acres of USDA Certified Organic farmland that grows premium, quality crops serving communities near and far.

With a commitment to industrial organic hemp cultivation that benefits millions of people, Silver Lion Farms grows and produces hemp-derived products and targeted formulations for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.
Guided by a devotion to service, science and solutions, we help protect and advance the economy, the environment, social industry and global climate.
Service. In serving humanity, we develop and maintain a hemp-based sustainable ecosystem of agriculture and manufacturing that contributes to the health and well-being of people, communities and environments both here in Nevada and beyond.

Science. Inspired by the pursuit of truth through knowledge and proof, Silver Lion Farms plants the seeds of what can be, qualifies what can be done and acts on how we know we can benefit our business, community and clientele in a sustainable, responsible and respectful manner. We are educators as much as we are suppliers.

Solutions. Our seed-to-sale supply chain and proprietary standard operating procedures (SOPs) deliver consistency, reliability and personalized client support as we continue pioneering hemp solutions.


Business Contact: Catherine Linamen

ZIP Code: 89301

Cell Phone: 916-717-3250

Membership Year: 2019



30955 N Alt Highway 93, Ely, NV
800-581-8001 x2