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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 2:48 AM

Partners & Sponsors

Corporate Partners within The White Pine Chamber of Commerce member's network understand the importance of supporting local and regional economic development organizations like ours, and contribute greatly to the success of programs that benefit the wide array of industries and people living working and playing here in White Pine. 

We are honored to have the ability to partner with companies such as Arevia Power, Kinross Bald & Round Mountain. These organizations are enabling the White Pine Chamber of Commerce to expand its overall effectiveness and reach, to the benefit of all our members. 

RPlus Energies, a sponsor of the White Pine Chamber of Commerce, is a network member interested in benefiting the community through providing resources that allow this office to offer better services to each dues paying business and individual. Sponsors provide programs like: ChamberEDU, Networking meetings, Small Business Resource Forums, and continued enhancement of many features of membership. 

Take your business or organization to the next level, with the help of the White Pine Chamber of Commerce. 


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