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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 9:55 PM

Lund, Nevada

Lund is a small town, population 282, located on Nevada State Highway 318 approximately 32 miles southwest of Ely. Traveler to and from Las Vegas pass through this historic ranching community.

The Tome Plane Ranch was established in 1873 and from it grew the town of Lund, officially in 1898, on land that the United States government had given The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in lieu of land that had been confiscated under the Edmunds-Tucker Act. Lund was named for Anthon H. Lund, one of the early Mormon settlers. Many of the early residents were Latter-Day Saints, and in 1903 the first church was built.

An old bunkhouse was converted into Lund's first schoolhouse. Stores catering to local ranches opened, the most successful of them being the Lund Mercantile Company. Building from Lund's early years still remain. In 1915, the Lund School District was bonded and a new concrete school constructed that was in turn replaced in 1931 by a new high school.

Lund has continued to be a ranching and farming town, maintaining a steady population throughout the years. Visitors can't miss the Lund Rodeo in July during Pioneer Days. It is the oldest and longest running rodeo in the state.


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Perigo Hay & Cattle
White Pine County Farm Bureau

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