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Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 6:52 PM
Ghost Riders — Guns for Hire

Ghost Riders — Guns for Hire

Activity description

The Ghost Riders have been raising a ruckus around Keystone and Ely, Nevada for over a decade. Their notorious antics leave the Marshall frustrated and the local bank empty. This rowdy group can often be found terrorizing the citizens of Ely, and robbing the Nevada Northern Railway's Ghost Train up at Keystone. You may even see them in the 4th of July parade, or grabbing a drink at the local saloon after a long trail ride. Wherever they are, fun is sure to be had!

The Ghost Riders - Guns For Hire are available to "liven up" your next special event. From family BBQ's to escorting grooms down the aisle, they always bring Wild West flair to anything they attend. Any size of event, big or small, the Ghost Riders can bring a presence unlike any other. Always memorable, the Ghost Riders take their audiences back to the wild 1800's with their rough and dirty western flair. The Ghost Riders have been asked to do fundraisers and shootouts for such organizations as the McGill Volunteer Fire Department, Ely Elks Lodge, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Ely Renaissance Village, and The Nevada Northern Railway Museum which is a registered National Historic Landmark.


Business Fax: 775-289-2833

Business Contact: Wendy Cobb

ZIP Code: 89301

Membership Year: 2004



P.O. Box 150069 Ely, NV 89315