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Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 4:07 AM
White Pine WaterPower LLC.

White Pine WaterPower LLC.

Activity description

The White Pine Pumped Storage Project is a 1,000 megawatt energy storage project under development in White Pine County, Nevada. The project represents a unique energy storage and supply opportunity for Nevada and will serve as an important element of the region's modernized and reliable energy infrastructure. Community benefits from the project include the creation of hundreds of long-term construction and dozens of permanent operation jobs. The project will also provide a huge increase to tax revenues for the state and local communities.  

The proposed project is located approximately eight miles northeast of Ely, Nevada. The 1,000 MW Project will be situated mostly on lands of the United States administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Ely District Office.  The project facilities include two reservoirs, underground generation equipment, and a new transmission line. One of the reservoirs will be in the Duck Creek Range, and the other in the Steptoe Valley near Highway 93.  Energy for pumping, and power generated by the project, will be delivered through a new 25-mile-long transmission line connecting the project with the Robinson Summit Substation. The remainder of the facilities will consist of access roads to the reservoirs, a transmission switch-station, and the entrance to the access tunnels.

White Pine Waterpower, LLC, has completed detailed preliminary engineering feasibility and environmental surveys to evaluate the project design and meet stringent requirements for licensing and permitting. Studies began in 2019, along with community and agency information and consultation meetings. Additional studies, discussions, and public scoping will continue in the coming years. Community members, landowners, and public agencies are encouraged to participate and learn about the project. Stakeholder feedback is essential to ensure the best siting of project facilities, avoiding sensitive or protected areas, and limiting and mitigating for identified environmental impacts. 


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