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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 3:24 AM
First National Bank of Ely

First National Bank of Ely

Activity description

Membership Year 1982

Welcome to The First National Bank of Ely. This banking institution is located in the picturesque, historic City of Ely, Nevada, in White Pine County. The First National Bank of Ely has the distinct honor of holding the oldest bank charter in the great state of Nevada – and celebrated a century of service in 2007.

A White Pine Chamber of Commerce Member since 1982, FNB continues their long history of customer service and banking knowledge to serve residents of our area. 

“Due to conservative management practices of my predecessors, we’ve been in a strong and stable capital position which has allowed us to remain secure and profitable. I am very optimistic that we are looking at a bright future, which will prove beneficial to the bank and our community,” says bank president, John C. Gianoli. 

A family-owned business, The First National Bank of Ely stands ready to accommodate all your banking needs.



595 Aultman St., Ely, NV. 89301