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Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 8:07 PM
Learning Bridge Charter School

Learning Bridge Charter School

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Getting back to the core of learning, the Ely Learning Bridge Charter School is a Public School with a 5-Star Rated Middle School. 

Teaching K-8th grade, ELBCS has raised academic acuity of its students, resulting in a generation of high achieving pupils that enter high school well prepared for career and college pathways. 

Waitlists for grades accept new and returning students and clear as student seats become available. 

The ELBCS has a dedicated staff with ELL services, SPED, and a school counselor for students to utilize on an as needed basis. Teaching aides and supplemental Read-ByThree supports also bolster the academic requirements to ensure a well rounded development.  




1400 E 13th St, Ely, NV 89301