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Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 6:34 PM
Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition

Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition

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Who We Are
ENLC maintains full-time ecologists, botanists, range scientists and wildlife biologists with extensive GIS and backcountry skills, all of whom envision a future where communities of plants and animals thrive in their Great Basin environment.

Although headquartered in eastern Nevada, ENLC is available for work throughout the West with expertise in the Great Basin, Mojave and Intermountain West. Our team has conducted wildlife, vegetation and environmental surveys, as well as weed treatments and other landscape restoration projects, across over 10 million acres of public and private land in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.


Business Fax: 775-289-7986

ZIP Code: 89315

Membership Year: 2004



P.O. Box 150266, Ely, NV